Farmers Market Nov 30 Minutes

Happy Community Project – Farmers Market
November 30th, 2017


Adrienne Wood
Holly Lothian
Katie Andrews
Jamie Cornetta
Barry Braun
Anne Riley
Tara Gibbon
Monique Wood
Catherine Manning
Katie Godon
Steven (I did not write down your last name, sorry)
Regrets: Dianne Levy


1) Identify space
2) Cost/Expenses – Grants
3) Vendors
4) Marketing – Manager, volunteers

Old Business:

Avon Christmas Market – this market was a great success with almost 40 vendors. The market was enthusiastically supported by the community with some vendors selling out. There was a call for vendors online. The market was to be held at Victoria Lane, however with the weather it was moved to the mall. The Community Centre provided the table and chairs.
Vendors – Vendor list provided by Katie Andrews.

New Business:

Location: Adrienne discussed location ideas.
-Exhibition grounds
-Boat House – old location
-Scotia Bank Mall – This is the location of interest. Adrienne will be chatting with Parsons … Read the rest

How West Hants is doing something special

60 People are making our Community Happy

On November 30th, 60 people came together for an evening of inspiration and energy. They are turning the Best Ideas into real projects where we all can do things together.

Here is what has happened so far

>The Happy Community West Hants Facebook Group has attracted 338 members who are sharing ideas with the rest of the community approximately 100 times a week.
>Our local email list has grown to 142 active participants. Combined that means over 400 people have opted in to engage with the Happy Community Project.
>The Happy Community project in West Hants – Windsor has attracted 4 media events including CBC Radio, Chronical Herald and Hants Journal
102 people are rolling up their sleeves to put the Best Ideas projects into action .
>The Ellershouse Breakfast which was slated for closure attracted 36 new volunteers so that it will remain a strong institution in West Hants
> The Read the rest

The Happy Community Project Rocks

There is so much happening, it’s hard to know what to say or where to begin. The Happy Community Project has leapt to a whole new level. Here are some of the highlights.


We launched in West Hants / Windsor Nova Scotia on October 19th in a new way.  What’s happening is simply awe-inspiring. The goal is the same, create more robust wellbeing and resiliency for communities. The way we do that is strengthen every citizens sense of belonging through stronger social connections.

What’s new is in West Hants / Windsor is we have approached this in a new way.


We started with a bang. We invited every citizen to be part of the Happy Community Project. And they showed up and decided what they wanted to do for their community. Citizens came up with the ideas and  they are putting the ideas into action.

Ideas … Read the rest

Inspired ideas

West Hants/ Windsor is inspiring other communities

People in other communities can’t believe how much is happening so fast with so much energy because of the Happy Community Project.

Watch this video that captures the spirit of why they are inspired. 

What we are doing is just plain awesome.


Five projects are well under way and new ones are already being born.

For example, the Farmers Market has been attracting new people who have been inspired to help make it the success it can be. Adrienne, Steph and Kim have generated a lot of energy around this.

The Tour de Hants has also sparked the imagination of others. I have gotten inquiries from as far as way as Mount Uniacke in how to co-operate with the Tour de Hants Project. Thank you Willard for leading the way. On this.

In our first meeting, Tom slipped me a note suggesting we have a project to welcome newcomers to our community. … Read the rest

The Happy Community Project Continues Momentum

It’s been a few weeks and I thought it was time to give you an update, but first, thank you. I am truly grateful for the support and interest you have given to the Happy Community Project. It is through your interest and support that the happy Community Project is such a success.

We are launching the first Pipeline Projects in Sackville and Windsor

We have partnered with Sobey’s School of Business with their Pipeline Project – a process for guiding people with passion and caring to create a business that solves social problems for communities and pays them with profits. on November 8th  in Sackville and November 9th in Windsor will be launching the Pipeline project with candidates who want to make a difference and get paid. If you are interested, here are the details.

Enactus creates the Happy Community Project App

An Enactus group of 6 brilliant students from Saint Mary’s University have adopted the … Read the rest

Partnership with Sobey’s School of Business

The Happy Community Project has partnered with Sobey’s School of Business.


The Happy Community Project generates ideas for how we can make communities stronger and more socially connected. Ideas are cheap, they only count if they are put into action. And so the Happy Community Project creates Action Groups that take great ideas and turns them into projects where people can do things together.

The Partnership Makes Projects Financially Sustainable

Some projects require financial support and the best ones are when they are financially sustainable. In this way, the project is not dependent on handouts, but generates its own revenues.

The Sobey’s School of Business has partnered with the Happy Community Project to create financially sustainable Action Projects. Sobey’s School of Business uses a process that takes an idea from general concept to a profitable business. They call the process PIPELINE.

How It Works

In the PIPELINE process, Community members decide on a problem they want to solve for … Read the rest

A Good Idea Picks Up Steam

The goal of the Happy Community Project has always been to scale up the process so any community anywhere in the world will have access to it. To do this, we have been making some important strategic partnerships.

The process of the Happy Community creates Action Groups where citizens get to know each other by doing things together. What better way to do this than in a financially sustainable and entrepreneurial way.

The Sobeys School of Business has partnered with the Happy Community project to bring their Pipeline process to all our Happy Community Project. This is a great opportunity where Ross Arsenault and Carl Archer of Saint Mary’s University bring resources, skills and ideas to create entrepreneurial solutions for social problems.  In the process, the community has great new resources to come together around. We are proud and excited to launch the Pipeline initiative this fall in our Happy Community Projects.

There is more

We are looking at … Read the rest

What is Happening at Happy Community Projects

As summer slows down, the Happy Community Project picks up speed. The goal of the Happy Community Project is to enable every community to develop the foundation for Happiness, no matter what happens.

Hurricane Harvey in Texas, brush fires in California, forest fires in British Columbia and Manitoba all show us the limitations of depending on government and other NGOs to solve our problems. They also show us our capacity to take care of each other and our inherent instincts to do so.

This ability to take care of each other becomes stronger

When we practice looking out for each other every day in our daily lives, our communities become stronger and more resilient. That is what the Happy Community Project is about. We create simple projects where people can do things together with and for each other.

So Here is What is happening in the Happy Community Project.

Sackville is launching the Plant Exchange

The first Plant Exchange is Read the rest

Montreal has Changed

I was blown away by how Montreal has changed to be a happier community.

My first trip to Montreal was for Expo 67 and I have been there many dozens of times since. In the 70’s and early 80’s, I was treated with rudeness and distain as Quebec struggled with identity insecurity, FLQ and separation. As an English speaking person, I was often refused service in stores and looked upon with disdain. In the later 80’s and 90’s as Quebec grew more confident in its own sense of self, people were more eager to take my money, but looked at me with ‘what do I have to do with their own pleasure’, and if the answer was nothing, then I again received a sense of coldness and rudeness. This wasn’t directed solely to me because I was English, but was more of a general attitude no matter whether I was a citizen or a visitor. . This showed up in … Read the rest