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Each week we have a conversation with an expert, community activist or concerned citizen who is working to make communities happier and more resilient.

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Our Recent Shows on Podcast

How Big is Micro Research

Dr William Webster shows us how a little bit of money can engage top talent from across the country to solve big problems.

How can a plant exchange make a better community?

Kathleen Higney shares the Sackville experience of creating a plant exchange.

Join the next Plant Exchange October 14 Acadia Park


Social Enterprise makes Communities Better

How do you make a self sustaining enterprise that makes your community better? Lauren Sears shares how Common Good Solutions guides entrepreneurs to success while they create an organization that solves social problems in their community.

Relationships in Communities

What role do relationships play in communities. Dave McTimoney has deep experience in working with communities and shares a practical model for high functioning communities.

Do great communities need both ‘Givers’ and ‘Takers’?

Deputy Mayor Steve Craig introduces some thought provoking ideas on what makes a great community.

Can Entrepreneurship solve Social Problems?

Ross Arsenault shares how Saint Mary’s University is bringing innovative new ways to get at the root of community social problems.

Jannaya Jenson and Why We Need Libraries

Communities need a central meeting place to bring the community together. Jannaya shares how as churches and schools have become less important in this role, libraries have become the focal point for communities and play a much larger role than books.

How does personal happiness affect community happiness?

Dr Bruce Dienes and Heidi Kalyani explore some provocative ideas. Bruce hass a Ph.D. in community psychology and works with communities on projects such as, Gambling in Communities and Gender Integration. Heidi leads workshops.

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