Up Coming Events

The Happy Community Project Launch

Sackville Beaverbank

May 7 th    7:00-8:30PM

Sackville Library

Bring your best ideas and together we will turn them into action

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Past Events

Hants West Happy Community Project

Ideas into Action

Nov 9, 7:00 PM, Windsor Community Center

The Sackville Happy Community Project

jan 2017 Sackville NS

Launch – Wednesday, January 11 2017

Meet your neighbors in round-table discussions and learn the 8 critical factors that affect the happiness of your communities.   What Happened here.

The Next Step – Tuesday January 31, Finding Three Big Ideas

Solidifying the ideas and starting down the road to creating greater happiness in Sackville NS  Find out what happened

TMaking it Real – Wednesday Feb 22,  – 11 Glendale Avenue, Sackville NS 6:30 -8:00PM

In this session, we will build on the Three Big Ideas and prepare them for reality. Learn how much can happen so easily. Here is what we did

March 15th – Making Decision and Another Big Step Forward

The Happy Community Project sets the stage for making Sackville a stronger community

April 5th – Making Action Decisions

Check out the Decisions they Made

April 26th – launching

Set a launch date for all Sackville citizens June 7

Initiated the Action Group for the Best Sackville Recipes

Established strong collaboration ties to the Sackville Community Food Garden


Windsor Story Circle –

On the 1st and 3rd Thursdays, we share some amazing stories. Our community comes together, listens, talks and laughs together;  In the process, we discover some of the hidden and rich depths that are in the citizens of West Hants.

Here are some of the stories we have shared

April 5

A Teenager describes how to manage your parents.

My Adventure Trip Across Canada

Discovering Pingos

The Proverbial Wisdom of 6 Year Olds

March 16th

Bullbird hunting on Fogo Island

A Wedding Poem

3 Ghost Stories

How Ghost Mountain Got Its Rings

Ducks Everywhere

March 2nd

How the Doctor Found His Tickle

How The Rhinoceros Got His Wrinkles

My First Heart Break

Bring a story or share a laugh with your neighbors as they share a story with you. No cost, no obligation, just a good old fashioned story circle.

Sackvillle happy Community project holds Open House June 7th 2017

Windsor Happy Community Project launches June 10th, 2017

There are more opportunities for strengthening the social relationships in Hants West and so a group of 9 people came together and decided to launch the Hants West happy Community Project

Halifax Deep North Happy Community Project was launched June 11th 2017.