Windsor West Hants shows what a happy community does.

It’s been a while since I have written and although we have had a long, hot, lazy summer, a lot has happened in Windsor West Hants.

What has been happening

The Avon Community Farmers Market is a great success with over twenty vendors providing a reason for hundreds of citizens to slow down and mingle with each other every Sunday between 10 and 2.
Laura Meldrum and her team have done a fantastic job of giving our community Films in the Park. The last one attracted 70 people to an old fashioned outdoor movie.
Makers has provided us with an awesome facility to come together, learn together and do together.

The community garden folks have are growing 2 acres of food for the food bank plus providing 8 plots of garden for folks in Windsor.

The Ellershouse Breakfast attracts up to 300 people on the last Saturday of every month to join in fellowship over some great food provided by 45 people helping to make it a success.
Welcome Newcomers has been launched thanks to Tom Calkin and the good folks at your newest downtown business, the Wine Grunt enabling new citizens to make social connections.

Windsor West Hants have shown that a community that is socially connected across our divisions is a happier and stronger community. Our politicians have noticed and decided to come together as one government for the well being of all citizens.
And new ideas are emerging every week that help make us more socially connected across our diversity.

What’s Next

Now we are planning our next efforts to strengthen the momentum we have started.
The Happy Community Project Leadership Program

It takes a special kind of leadership skill to bring a community together. In early September, we will be hosting the Happy Community Project Leadership Program so that our leaders can gather new skills and knowledge and resources. They want to be even more effective at enabling our community to make the social connections that are the foundation for our well being and resiliency. Watch for the announcements coming in the next couple of weeks as we work through the details.

Communities that Play Together, Stay Together

Communities that play together, stay together and on September 9th in Newport Landing we are hosting the Corn Boil Challenge.

It takes a lot of effort to make something like this happen and I am proud to say that our community is standing up tall. Six people have been in the background making the plans, and citizens everywhere have been offering their support. An anonymous donner is providing 45 dozen corn complimented by Sobeys who will provide us with the rest. Windsor Home Hardware and the Centre Burlington Hall are providing us with the Corn cookers and pots and 5 people have stepped forward and offered to do the cooking. Mantua Cash and Carry is supplying two tanks of propane ( we still need 3 more).
It will take about twenty five people on Sunday, September 9th to make it all happen. If you want to help our community on the day of the Corn Boil Challenge, we’d love to hear from you. There is a place for you to help setting up, hosting the challenge games, keeping things moving, greeting people, and cleaning up. If you want to be someone who wants to be part of enabling our community to play together – just send an email, text at 902-830-6569, or tell us on Facebook.

Turning Extraordinary into Ordinary

What we have done in our community is extra ordinary. I hear this every day from our citizens and from people in other communities. Over 600 people have come forward and said they want to help our community and they truly have. What will be truly extraordinary is when it is ordinary for every citizen to make these kind of contributions.
It is every citizens responsibility to contribute to the wellbeing of our community. As we move deeper into the fall, we will be hosting a series of community meetings where we start to explore how we can turn extraordinary into ordinary.
Thank you Windsor West Hants for stepping up and making our community an even greater community.

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