ChangeMakers Reshaping Our World

We need ChangeMakers. I care about the world my grandchildren will have 40 years from now and I believe together we can do something about it.

Today violent weather storms, school shootings, routine terrorism, new diseases, and income insecurity are symptoms of a disease. When I talk with scientists and thought leaders, they see these symptoms as a cancer that is invading our vital organs. This cancer is invading our natural systems, our economic systems, our cultural systems and our political systems. These are the vital organs of a healthy world.

They see our world in peril. They see the solution as ordinary people putting on their ChangeMaker’s hat. ChangeMakers are the people who lead our community cultures from  taking  a lot and giving back a little to a giving forward society where we put back as much as we take. These experts say our world can no longer sustain taking more than we give.

We can ignore them. After all, right now most of our personal lives are still pretty good. But what are the lives of our children and grandchildren going to be like 40 years from now?

We can hope or we can do something about it. Yes -the problems are big. But collectively we the change makers can make a difference. And the bonus, actively doing something about it makes us feel good.

When we build our businesses, choose our jobs, participate in our communities and engage socially by giving forward in a way that builds sustainable communities, we change the course of our world and we are happier. We live in happier communities and we feel the deep satisfaction of doing something important. If enough of us decide to make these kinds of choices – it will be enough.

We are here to help you know what you can do as a ChangeMaker and how to do it in practical ways.

Together we can reshape our world.

We’re supporting almost a dozen projects right now!

We can hope or we can do something about it. Yes -the problems are big. But collectively we the change makers can make a difference. And the bonus, actively doing something about it makes us feel good.

The Problem

Most people believe giving forward with purpose isn’t practical. They believe that reshaping the world is too big and they are too little. They believe it is not possible to earn a living and  involves too much personal sacrifice.

The reality is that it is possible. We have helped hundreds of ChangeMakers launch For Profit and Not For Profit businesses, launch community initiatives, helped leaders become visionaries, and inspired and ordinary people to make career and community choices where their difference counts. Instead of sacrificing themselves, they prosper and are happier.

Our Vision

We support people who want to earn their living and simultaneously live in their communities while giving forward –  people who want the happiness that comes from living their life with purpose in their careers, in their businesses and in their social community life. People who want their efforts to count. Age doesn’t matter. Maybe you are just starting out, mid career or retired. You have something important to give forward to our future generations.

Our Vision is simple – people are sparked, ignited and inspired into becoming the people who choose to give forward in their careers, their businesses and their communities. Together, they form a dynamic, supportive community that is reshaping our world for our children and grandchildren.

Why is it Important?

Decisions should be about happiness and the factors that affect true happiness are simple:

Do we have sufficiency

Do we have sufficiency?

Do others care about us

Do others care about us?

Do we have something meaningful to care about

Do we have something meaningful to care about?

Are we safe

Are we safe?

The rest is just illusionary.

We all know that real happiness comes from doing something for others or for nature. The more we do that, the more happiness we have. We know this, but is it practical? We say yes it is.

It is no longer enough to  take a lot and give back a little. Instead, we can satisfy our obligations to provide for ourselves and families while giving back as much or more than we get. This is the principle of giving forward and sustainability.  This may sound impossible, but it is not. Many people today have created and  work for companies and organizations that by their very nature contribute to building sustainable communities and we need many more of these kind of organizations. We have helped create some of them and we can help you either find one or create one.

The Law Of Attraction – the way it was meant to be.

Whether you are a man or a woman, rich or poor, privileged or not, educated or not, caring about more than yourself is the way to true happiness. It is the core value of a changemaker.

We will help you find the path forward. Are you ready to be part of reshaping our world?

How does this happen

The first step is step up and tell us who you are.

When you engage with us, you can participate in projects and programs that are designed to answer the question “What can I do that makes a difference that matters to me?” You will find clarity and confidence to do what makes a difference just by being you. You will be part of a community of people who share your desire to make a difference. They are there to support you as we are as well.

You will be part of Reshaping Our World doing what you do best – being at your best.

What can you do?

It’s simple – Start by telling us who you are.

Have a question? Email us!

Hello! My name is…

Our History

Imagine the future of those who are now under 12 years old when they are in the prime of their life 30 or 40 years from now. Now contrast that with what you would truly want for them.

In June 2013, Barry Braun imagined his 1 year old granddaughters life 30 years from now. He initiated Reshaping Our World with the simple idea that if we reclaim our power to make conscious decisions to care for others and act on it, we are more likely to have the kind of future for ourselves and our children that we want – after all, the path of the world is only a function of collective decision making.

Why is Reshaping Our World Important?

It Started with Women

Women bring something special when they bring their deep sense of purpose. Their voice is critically important to reshaping our world. That is why we started by engaging women.

Women bring a perspective that is different from men – they bring holistic thinking that integrates complexity, they bring collaboration that integrates diverse opinions and ideas into a solid decision, they bring long term social conscience – they have always been the nurturers – those who take care of others beyond themselves.

Women reshaping our world

Three Conferences

We brought together hundreds of women in three conferences across North America that inspired and moved the thinking forward. We gathered a following of 7000 people who shared their thoughts. And we learned some really important lessons.

What we learned: People caring as equals reshapes the world

  • All people can do things that are meaningful.
  • All people can be changemakers
  • The world needs to be reshaped by women and men working together.
  • Best solutions are when differences disappear and equality is the higher principle.
  • The best solutions come from diversity of thinking.
  • Many people don’t know what difference to make  – they want help deciding.
  • Many people want a support system that supports their actions for making a difference.
  • All individual actions matter.